About the museum and the visiting options
  • How do I reach Kazerne Dossin?
The museum is easy to reach thanks to its central location in Mechelen. If you are arriving by car, train or touring coach, then check our route instructions for detailed information.
  • When is the museum open?
You can visit the museum from 9 AM on weekdays and from 9.30 AM during the weekend.  We close the doors at 5 PM. A quarter of an hour before closing time we notify you that the museum is about to close.
  • Can I also visit Kazerne Dossin in the evening?
For the time being, you cannot visit the museum in the evening, unless you organise a nocturne. In the evening you are welcome to attend lectures, films, concerts, etcetera in het museum. Therefore, check our events calendar regularly.
  • Where do I find information about temporary exhibitions?
Alternating temporary exhibitions can be viewed on the fourth floor. Here you can read all about the current exhibition. Announcement about new temporary projects appear in our social media.
  • What are the options for groups?
We offer a wide range of visit options for groups. View the offers for primary schools, secondary schools, higher education, and adult groups.
  • Why is a class/school group limited to maximum 15 student for a guided tour?
We opt consciously for small groups to ensure quality and comfort during the tour. In addition, smaller groups manoeuver more easily through the exhibition and provide the guide more opportunity to show multimedia applications. 
  • Why do we offer an Get-to-know session?
The Get-to-know session is a short introduction, a ‘leitmotif’ that tells the visitor what the museum is all about. We view this as added value for all groups that want to visit the museum individually.
  • Is a guided tour given that deals specifically with architecture?
For the time being not. If you are interested in the architecture of the museum building, then on the architecture page you can find photos and information about the building. If you are participating in a guided tour, then ask your guide to tell you more about the symbolism of the building.
  •  Where can I store my coat and belongings during my visit?
In the cloakroom you can safely store your belongings in a locker. We also have group lockers. The person responsible for the group retains the key during the visit.
  • Are animals allowed into the museum?
Animals do not have access to the museum except guide dogs. 
  • Who is the architect of the museum?
Bob Van Reeth and his architect firm AWG in Antwerp designed the new museum building. You can read more about the architecture in the architecture page.
  • Can I take pictures inside the museum halls?
You are allowed to photograph inside and outside of the museum.
  • Can I rent a hall for an event?
As a society, organisation or company you can rent a hall in the museum. We have an auditorium, two educational rooms, our reception hall and the panoramic 4th floor available for events. However, it is important to book these in advance. Here you can read all the information.

  • Does an individual visitor have to a reserve ticket in advance?
No, it is not necessary to book in advance, if you come alone, with your family or with a group of less than 15 persons. However, you can buy tickets online in advance to avoid waiting at the ticket booths.
  • Where do I buy tickets for the temporary exhibition?
There are no separate tickets for the temporary exhibitions. A museum ticket gives you access to the permanent and the temporary exhibitions.
  • Is it possible to give tickets for Kazerne Dossin as a gift?
We sell two types of gift vouchers: Gift voucher Kazerne Dossin (gives access for 2 persons – worth €20) and Gift voucher Kazerne Dossin & Catalogue (gives access for 2 persons + 1 catalogue per couple – worth €35). You can buy both gift vouchers at the reception desk.

  • Why is there an asterisk next to Roma?
Because there is no such thing as the ‘Roma’. Each individual from this diverse group has their own identity. In addition, this name was unjustly given a negative connotation, which we do not want to encourage. Stereotypical ideas have a bad influence on our society.
  • Why do you offer so much educational material?
Because we think that a visit to this museum within the framework of remembrance education should not be a once-only activity. Remembrance education is a theme that should run through the entire school course. That’s why the museum offers a preliminary lesson package, a museum visit and a reflection moment afterwards.
  • I would like to donate an object to Kazerne Dossin. To whom do I turn?
If you have a valuable object concerning WWII, contact our researchers: e-mail archives@kazernedossin.eu or telephone +32 (0)15 - 290660.
  • I have a good idea for a temporary exhibition. To whom do I turn?
Our temporary exhibitions are schedules way in advance by a Temporary Exhibition steering committee. Send your proposal to evenementen@kazernedossin.eu. The steering committee will then examine your proposal. If we find it interesting, we will contact you.


  • Can I organise an event in cooperation with Kazerne Dossin?
This is possible under certain conditions. Send your proposal to evenementen@kazernedossin.eu.