Human rights for all?

 14 years and older
 9 FEBRUARY 2022 - 11 DECEMBER 2022. Every day except Wednesdays
 Max number of students per guide: 25 - Max. number of groups at a time: 2 (exceptionally 3)
 Kazerne Dossin - Museum
 NL, FR and EN
 90 minutes
 €4 per student / €60 per guide


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What are human rights and are they really universal?
This is undoubtedly a topic for fascinating and valuable discussions with young people. On this interactive and sensory tour, pupils team up with a guide in search of hope. They discover the limitless possibilities that the members of the Human Rights Committee also experienced. Along the way, they are told about the universal and multicultural inspiration behind the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We conclude with insights into the future of people and their rights. Looking, feeling, doing, thinking and understanding - all these aspects are covered.