Kazerne Dossin and the European Museum Awards 2014

Kazerne Dossin has received a ‘special commendation’ award at the presentation of the European Museum of the Year Award in Tallinn, Estonia. The Belgian museum on Holocaust and Human Rights in Malines was nominated as the only Belgian museum. Director and curator Herman Van Goethem, just back from Tallinn, looks back at the ceremony.
“Among the nominees there were 35 museums from all across Europe, from Portugal to Finland, with very strong competitors. The main award went to the Museum of Innocence , Istanbul, created by Nobelprize winner Orhan Pamuk. The fact that Kazerne Dossin, along with three other laureates, received a ‘second prize’, is a great honour. It shows that Kazerne Dossin has its place among the European top museums”, says Herman Van Goethem.
Kazerne Dossin shares this award with Flossenbürg Concentration Camp Memorial in Germany. Together, they were praised by the jury for their innovative approach, that can be a model for other war museums: “A joint special commendation goes to these two museums for their courage in opening up their institutions to the future, and seeking new ‘ownership’ relationships, within the context of the Second World War. Both these museum memorials – by way of their ideas – have the potential to influence, professionally, their genre of museums.”
“From here on, and together with Flossenbürg, we can not only build a new network with other museums”, added Herman Van Goethem, “we can also try to expand our educational project with the police on collective violence to new target groups such as the press or youth movements.”
The European Museum Awards are organized by the European Museum Academy and were awarded this weekend for the 37th time (www.europeanmuseumforum.org).
Emya Award Ceremony 2014: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgLijXo0WaI#t=95
More information:
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