Conservation & donations

Sometimes, personal war-time items and objects surface 70 years later. These objects often conceal a wealth of information. Kazerne Dossin has been entrusted special donations over the past year: hundreds of letters, photographs, documents of deportees and their relatives. This is how Mala Zimetbaum's chessboard and the photo album of camp commander Frank found their way to us and are now in safe storage.

Those who happen to be in the possession of relevant photo material, documents, newspapers, pamphlets, stamps, letters, etc. are invited to hand them over to Kazerne Dossin for safe keeping.  You will be given more information about the archives and conservation during an initial meeting.

Donations 2017

Esther Lupu Bequest
Esther (Ernestine) Lupu was taken away to Auschwitz-Birkenau on transport XXIIA. The girl threw a letter out of the train. Esther’s nieces Dominique and Claudette De Ville gifted the original letter to Kazerne Dossin.

Spinat-Toledano Bequest
Sisters Jude Wertheim and Irit Abir gifted 29 original photographs of the Spinat family from Antwerp. As a child during the war, their mother Doris (Dodi) Spinat went into hiding and survived. Doris’ mother, brother and sisters died.

Frans Broers Bequest
Frans Broers is a teacher in Antwerp. In 1957 he started collecting documents about the effect of anti-Jewish measures on education. His son Jan Broers gifted the collection to Kazerne Dossin.

L’Enfant Caché Bequest
L’Enfant Caché, the Belgian organization for children in hiding, donated its entire archive to Kazerne Dossin. The collection includes lists of members, accounts of activities, administrative papers, and documents in recognition of the Righteous among the Nations.

Lili Nahmias Bequest
Lili Nahmias survived deportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau on transport XXV. Her fashion designer daughter Diane von Fürstenberg gave Kazerne Dossin copies of two cards sent by Lili to her parents.

Cyril Rubens Bequest
Historian Cyril Rubens published the life story of Kitty Haber, a child in hiding. Kazerne Dossin was presented with a copy of all the material he had collected while researching the book.

Norbert Vos Bequest
Norbert Vos survived the war as a child in hiding in Kortrijk. He has loaned Kazerne Dossin the cuddly bear which gave great comfort first to his ‘sister in hiding’ Mona Verhage and later to Norbert himself.

Kazerne Dossin is also extremely grateful for the following bequests to the Documentation Centre:

  • Rosie Berneman Bequest
  • Joseph De Win Bequest – Antoine Sijbers collection
  • Anna Erlich-Lieberman Bequest
  • Jacques Funkleder Bequest
  • Renée Grabiner Bequest
  • Isabelle and Béatrice Grynberg Bequest – Miriam Waksman collection
  • Taly Hadad Bequest – Gniwosch family collection
  • Irène Hennaut-Derie-Pekel Bequest
  • David Kahan Bequest
  • Kilimnik Family Bequest
  • Samuel Kleeblatt Bequest
  • Anthony Langley Bequest – Van Embden-Slier collection
  • Marc Michiels Bequest
  • Wim Pas Bequest – Erna Stern collection
  • Springer-Chasman family Bequest
  • Topor family Bequest
  • Roger and Mariette Vander Linden- Patteet Bequest
  • Flor Van Laer Bequest
  • Erik and Linda Van Landeghem Bequest
  • Van Rompaey family Bequest – Friedberg-Verheyen collection
  • Paulette Zylberszac Bequest

Kazerne Dossin wishes to thank the following for their gifts to the library:

  • Corinne en André Assenheimer,
  • Eveline Bollaerts
  • Anna Crauwels
  • Philippe Hendrickx
  • Brenda Jacobs en
  • Chris Van Der Plas
  • Marc Michiels
  • Geertrui Smits