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The logo is available in various digital formats: JPEG or PNG for digital applications and an EPS vector file for graphics and print designs. 
Whether you use a positive or negative version of the logo depends on the background (light or dark).    

Download the logos here (zip)

Positive logo  
The colour version of the logo is best used on a white background. If this is not possible, then use the monochrome logo (black letters) on a white or light background.   

Negative logo
The negative versions (white letters) are intended for use on a dark background.   


If you are looking for visuals for your journal, newspaper or members’ magazine, you can use these photographs free of charge.

We do ask that you acknowledge photographer Christophe Ketels by name in the publication.
We would also like to receive a copy of the publication at the following address:

Kazerne Dossin,
Communication department, 
Goswin de Stassartstraat 153,
2800 Mechelen