ROOD huid

ROOD huid 18.10.2016 - 28.08.2017

about the exhibition


ROOD huid shows the work of artist Camiel Van Breedam. When thinking of Van Breedam, one easily arrives at the colour red. When the artist was 40 years old, he decided to only wear red clothes from then on. Last June, Van Breedam turned 80. That means 40 years of perseverance and engagement. An engagement that he transfers into his assemblage art which ranges from small, minimalistic pieces to majestic environments.

The theme of this exhibition is closely linked to the mission of Kazerne Dossin. But 'theme' might nog be the best word as the exhibition does not want to bring an isolated story to its audience but instead wants to explore different connections between the versitale work of the artist and the central theme of Kazerne Dossin: mass violence. The core of the exhibition is formed by six works around the persecution of Native Americans. In these artworks, Van Breedam fights against the loss of culture and the destruction of mankind and he reflects on the themes of mass violence and rememberance..




guided tour

The exhibition ROOD huid can be visited as a guided tour. (+/- 1h).

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about the artist

Camiel van Breedam (°1936) hails from the Rupelstreek, not far from Antwerp. When the region fell into decay due to the closing down of the brickworks industry, he engaged in the environmental movement and addressed social abuse. He never lost that ecological perspective.  He became an assembly artist and often recycles or uses "poor" materials.

This exhibition was made possible thanks to the support of FIBAC and these partners: