As off March our Museum café will serve a new purpose. De entire space will be made available for school groups and function as a lunch area. As a class or other group you can take maximum advantage of the space without purchase obligation or reservation.
In order to create more space no more attendance by staff and no traditional menu will be provided. Ideally you can bring your lunchmeal but soft- and warm drinks as well as snacks will be made available through vendingmachines.
In short:
·         no reservation
·         free access, no purchase obligation
·         all snacks and drinks will cost 1€
·         you can bring your own lunchmeal
·         maximum capacity app. 100 places

Groups that would like to have lunch outside of the museum near Kazerne Dossin or in the centre will find helpful recommendations here.

Do you still have questions? You can contact our front desk for answers.