The online database of Kazerne Dossin contains the available portraits of victims and deportation lists from Mechelen.
May we ask to first read the short manual below. Access to the database is offered at the bottom of the page.



On the right hand top side, you can change the language preference to English.
In the middle field you can insert a name.


  • do you know the full name?

Insert first and last name using  'AND'   E.g.: Heinrich AND Goldberg
The database will now look for a name that is identical to your search.

Is there no result? Please try again with adjusted spelling or by filling in just a part of the name.

  • do you only know part of the name?

Use an asterisk * for the part that is unsure or missing.
                 Bv.: Gold*
Partial searches might generate multiple results. If your query results in more people with the same name and you are not sure whether you found the right person, please contact our researchers via


Bij de resultaten wordt de foto getoond  als die beschikbaar is en de transportlijst(en) waarop de naam voorkomt.
Two types of results can follow a search: a portrait of the victim (only if available) and the deportation list(s) on which the name can be found.

By clicking the cirkeled icon, details of the portrait and lists will be shown.
To consult the date of birth, please click on the portrait. You will find it at the bottom of the port

Do you want to start a new and different search?

Please do so on the top left hand 'new search'.

If you want to add a further filter to your search, use the field below. When you are looking for one single person, the filter search is not relevant.


can i use these pictures?

You can download and save pictures straight away, or you can add them to your basket and then download or send or email the content of the basket.
When you want further background information on a certain victim, please contact


 hand-drawn-arrow-4-(1).png call: Give them a face

Do you have a picture of a victim whose portrait is still missing in our database?   Please help us to give this person a face as well. The picture will also be added to our portrait wall in our museum.  Contact

go to the database

Go to the database by clicking the image below. The database will be accessible as of 27th January.