Holocaust and Comics

17.09.2018 - 23.06.2019

Fact and fiction. They often appear as being diametrically opposed, each the opposite of the other. Yet is such opposition always necessary? History is increasingly being used as the core framework for fictional works. The Holocaust is a key example of this.  Graphic novelists have been focusing upon the subject since the 1970s: sometimes with uncertainty and hesitation but also with respect. Art Spiegelman’s pioneering graphic novel 'Maus' has entered the literary canon, and many other comic artists have also sought to address the Holocaust in their work.

In this exhibition, more than 200 comic strips, graphic novels and manuscripts guide visitors through depictions of the Holocaust. In what ways can you 'imagine' the Holocaust? What role do personal testimonies and memories play in a signed story? Are the works fictitious, or in fact journalistic? What motives, metaphors and artistic techniques do the authors use? And above all: what social and educational role can the comic fulfil for younger and future generations?

The exhibition was designed, created and distributed by Memorial de la Shoah, Paris.  



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